What is your application process?

If you attend a showing we will give you an application at the end. If you are wanting to find our application form online, it can be found on our website under rental forms or you can find the link to apply online on our home page. Once an application is turned in, we begin processing it in our office. This process usually takes us 24 to 48 hours. Once complete, we call you to tell you the results. If approved, you then have 24 hours to come in to sign the lease and pay the deposit.

What kind of security do the buildings have?

We focused on security in all of our buildings. The 1023 Flats, Alexandra Marie and the 220 West have security cameras throughout the common areas. These cameras are constantly recording and storing data. At each building we have all of the doors secure. At the Alexandra Marie, 1023 Flats and 220 West there is a call system that allows a visitor to call you from outside the building. This replaces the old buzzer system and instead uses your cellphone. This system allows you to open the door up for someone outside without having to leave your unit.

Do you have any pet fees and do cats have to be front paw declawed?

We do have a $500 nonrefundable dog fee. If your cat is front paw declawed there is a $100 refundable cat deposit but if it is not front paw declawed the $100 is a nonrefundable cat fee. This means that cats are not required to be front paw declawed. We do ask that all animals are neutered/spayed and up to date on vaccinations. These deposits are one time fees. There is no monthly pet rent or increase in your monthly rent for having a pet.

Why have AC units rather than central air?

We chose to use AC units in all of our new buildings rather than central air. There are many reason for this choice. They are easier to fix when they get old or have issue. If one unit goes bad this does not effect the entire building, it only effects the unit the AC is in. There is no air being exchanged between units with this system. Air exchange between units can be harmful if neighbors are violating their leases and smoking and may also agitate anyone with pet allergies. AC units are more efficient and allow the tenants to have more control over the unit temperature.

Who owns each building?

The Craig family owns all or a portion of each building. These buildings are designed and built to stay in the Craig family for generations.

Why don't some of the buildings have balconies?

After 25 years in the business and by asking individual tenants what they like and don't like, as we thought, if people chose to live downtown, when they have free time they will be enjoying what downtown has to offer rather than sitting on their balcony. The same goes for community balconies and common areas. You don't get to chose your neighbors nor how they behave so we see these amenities as added cost to the tenant when in all likelihood they will seldom use it. We would also note that we feel the "living experience" of any downtown apartment is Fargo's downtown itself. Why sit on a 4 foot by 8 foot balcony on your apartment when you can walk three blocks and experience the ambiance and culture of a multitude of bars, restaurants, galleries and even rooftop balconies. We feel that is the true experience of living in or visiting downtown Fargo.

What are your priorities when building these buildings?

The safety of our tenants, proximity to amenities, providing clean modern design options and having one parking space per bedroom.

What is the old house beside 220 west?

That house was available to be bought but in trade for allowing the alley to be vacated, a neighbor was given first option to buy the house and tear it down for employee parking and snow removal.

What steps are taken to ensure tenants with allergies are not greatly affected while living in the building?

We do not have any amenities that encourage dogs to be in the common areas around the building. This is so that anyone with allergies does not have to struggle with them due to the dogs continuously being in the common areas. This is also something we considered in our heating and cooling systems. Central air requires a filter and has ductwork whereas our AC units do not. This is a more hypoallergenic step that we took when making decisions for this building.